Faculty Publications

Kent Spreckelmeyer Publications and Funded Studio Projects

The Architecture of Use.  New York: Routledge. 2014. (With S. Grabow)

Space Planner Toolkit: Hospital EditionChicago: American Hospital Assoc. 1995. Second edition, 2003.  Third edition in progress. (With F.S. Zilm)

“Impacting Health and Wellness of a Community by Designing a Hybrid Community Hospital.” Value of Design Summit, American institute of Architects, 2014.

“Green Design, Environmental Awareness, and Organizational Image.” Journal of Corporate Real Estate, 14(1), 2012, pp. 21-49. (with Mahbub Rashid and Neal Angrisano)

“Innovations in Hospital Architecture.” Health Environment Research & Design Journal, 5(2), Winter 2012, pp. 122-125.

“DeSoto Health Campus.”  Third-year architectural design studio.  Funded by Lawrence Memorial Hospital and ACI-Boland Architects. 1999. (ARCH 300)

“Sustainable Mixed-Use Community.”  Third-year studio.  Funded by Republic Real estate and ACI-Boland Architects. 2000. (ARCH 300)

“Emergency Room Gurney Design.”  Special problem course.  Funded by EROne and the School of Fine Arts. 2003.  Presentation to US Senate Select Committee on Emergency Medicine, 5/8/03. (ARCH359/700 with Richard Branham)

“Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Evaluation.”  Special problem course. 2004.  Sponsored by Stormont Vail Healthcare.  Presentation the annual NICU national conference, Clearwater, FL, 2/1/04. (ARCH 359/700 with Richard Branham)

“Emergency Room Mock-Up Evaluation.”  Special problem course.  Funded by Frank Zilm and Associates and North Kansas City Hospital. 2007. Presentation at Harvard University Summer Institute “Emergency Room of the Future”, 7/30/07. (ARCH 359/700 with Richard Branham)

“A Haitian Birthing Center.”  First-year graduate design studio.  Sponsored by Maison de Naissance and Burns & McDonnell Architects.  2009. (ARCH 504)

“A Hybrid Community Hospital for Haxtun, Colorado.” Capstone graduate studio. Sponsored by HDR Architecture. 2014. (ARCH 808 with Paola Sanguinetti)

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